Free android kitkat update for Moto G released

Free android kitkat update for Moto G released!

Hi Everybody,

The most awaited release of the latest version of android [Android 4.4 - KitKat] is made available for Moto G users! There was a software update notification pushed to all the Moto G users asking them to install immediately or choose a time when they likely to install it.

This is a free upgrade to Android kitkat update for Moto G users as promised earlier by the manufacturer. The update size is very low compared to other Operating system updates like Windows – which can go up to a GB and most of the Windows users run out of storage space.

Moto G user can feel good that the fact that the update file size is very low as 167MB only. The whole update process can take upto 1 hour.

New features added to android kitkat update for Moto G

Android says on

Beautiful & Immersive

A more polished design, improved performance, and new features.

Few of the new features:

1. Emojis
2. Improved Google Now
3. Smarter Caller ID – Enhanced by Google
4. Printing On The Go
5. Lock Screen Art
6. Faster multitasking
7. Unlimited Home Screen Panels
8. Contact Prioritization

There are many more beautiful features for your Android phone – Visit

Download and installation of android kitkat update for Moto G

1. Download time – Depends on your Wi-Fi connection. If you get a good decent speed and at-least not a huge high speed network, the download should finish within 5 – 10 minutes. If the network is a bit slow – maxmum time to download update file should be 30 minutes.

2. Installation time – +/- 10 minutes.

Installation process

Step 1: You will get a notification on your mobile screen prompting to download the update.

Step2: Choose to download now

Step3: It will prompt you to select the type of network via which you will want to download update. a. Wi-fi OR Wi-Fi/3G. Choose Wi-Fi.

Step4: Download will start and will be completed soon. The update size will be 167MB.

Step5: Once downloaded – It will prompt you to install the downloaded update. Click on OK to continue installing.

Step6: Phone will be automatically switched off. Do not pannic.

Step7: You will then see – Installing system update… – Shows the Android Image with its stomach opened!

Step8: Once the installation is completed, It starts upgrading and optimizing apps – Android is upgrading… – optimizing app 1 of 54.

After the above steps – The phone starts normally. If that’s the case – Android kitkat update for Moto G should be successfully updated.

Thanks for coming along – Should you have any queries.

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