Rail Rush Free game for windows lumia phones

Rail Rush free game for windows lumia phones!

Rail Rush game  or windows phone PepFry

Rail Rush game or windows phone

Windows phones are getting closer to others in the league like iPhone and the Android phones who release new games every now and then.

Though Windows Phone has tons of thousands of games from various Game developers – Rail Rush has been catching up with other game plays. More and more people are downloading the game and enjoying the game play.

Rail Rush was recently released by Miniclip for all the Windows 8 Phones for free. The game is designed such a way that it even runs smoothly on the Windows Phone’s with 512Mb Ram as well.

That’s the other reason which is getting more and more people addictive to Rail Rush. Though Rail Rush was previously released for iOS – people will still love to play on their Windows 8 Phone.

Rail Rush game  or windows phone - The game play PepFry

Rail Rush game for windows phone -  The game play

As seen on windowsphone.com


  •  12 different characters
  •  Cool power ups
  •  4 different worlds and many hidden levels
  •  Stunning graphics
  •  Action packed game-play
  •  Many in-game achievements
  •  Game statistics
  • In app purchase – To upgrade, if you stuck up anywhere

For people who are missing Temple Run2 on Windows can feel happy now. Because, Rail Rush is as similar as Temple Run2′s graphic quality and smooth operations.

This game never hangs in between even on the Windows Phone’s having 512Mb RAM. The game resembles quite a bit with the strategy of collecting coins as in Temple Run and Temple Run2. But, game play is different from Temple Run versions. Rail Rush is fully on the Rail not on land which avoids confusions occurring between the change overs.

If you are in doubt if Rail Rush doesn’t play on the Windows Phones with 512MB RAM. Trust me it works great.

I have downloaded the game on my Nokia Lumia 720 – which has 512MB of RAM. Rail Rush is exactly 24.8MB in size and can be downloaded using mobile internet – no need for WI-Fi. It really works great and I really enjoy playing the game.

Rail Rush game for windows phone - 3rd different world - PepFry

Rail Rush game for windows phone – 3rd different world

Rail Rush is so addictive as Temple Run2 and you will want to play it again and again. All along this post – I have inserted screenshots of the game while I was playing it on my Nokia 720.

Rail Rush game  or windows phone - Different world - PepFry

Rail Rush game or windows phone – Different world

You can see the graphics quality which invites you to download and play once. So, guys – Rail Rush is an awesome game for all Windows phone holders. Even the 512Mb RAM Phones can also play and enjoy.

For non Windows Phone or iPhone users

Do not worry – If you do not have one. You can enjoy the game online. Its light weight and can be played online as well. It has the same graphics, same environment and the game play is entirely the same as we get to play on Windows Phones.

You can find Rail Rush online here.

Hope, you all guys found it this post useful. Please do post your views on the game – You can always input your views as comments below.

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