Temple run 2 available on windows phone with 512MB ram

Hi Guys,

Temple run 2 now available on windows phone with 512MB ram!

Temple Run 2 now available windows phone with 512 MB RAM - Pepfry

Temple Run 2 now available windows phone with 512 MB RAM

Have you been waiting for long long time after purchasing your windows phone with 512 MB RAM to play the awesome long n everlasting running game – Temple Run2?

You have to believe the fact that Windows has ended your long long wait to play Temple Run 2 on your 512 MB RAM windows phone by updating the existing Temple run 2 to be compatible with windows phone devices which have lower Random Access Memory of as less as 512 MB.

Yes, the most awaited ever ending running game on Windows mobile with 512MB RAM is rolled out. I know most of the users had Windows mobile with low RAM capacity of 512MB. All of those users where not happy about the fact that Windows didn’t have a version of Temple Run 2 working on these low RAM capacitive phones.

But, that long wait of the users and the promise of Windows now has been standing on the fruitful and success platform.

Yes, now all the users with Windows phone having 512MB RAM can install Temple Run 2 on their phone for free and start playing it. I installed the game as soon as it was available and played for few hours. The game doesn’t lag a bit and it is as smooth as you would have seen in iPhone. Quality is the same as released for other high end devices.

2 ways to install Temple Run 2!

  •  Want to instal Temple Run 2 manually?
  • Go ahead and download it from windowsphone.com!

  •  Want to install Temple Run 2 directly on your mobile?
  • Please visit this same page on your mobile device directly and click Download Temple Run 2 and it will take you to the store where you can click on install.

Finally, you have the game for your windows phone with 512mb ram!!

If you are having any problem in installing Temple Run 2 on your Windows phones with 512MB RAM – please put your question in the comment section below

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