CODEMOJI sends messages encoded in emoji

Hi Guys,

 Mozilla codemoji

Today, I came across an interesting stuff on web.
This morning as usual I launched Mozilla Firefox browser and all of a sudden I saw something eye catching.

I saw this message on the browser window:

I clicked on the link thinking to explore what’s inside! It took me to this page[]

Codemoji - A fun tool to learn about ciphers

 I took a bit to see whats around and got started with it. Its was awesome and fun to create a message/note and encrypt it with Emoji and send it to your partner/friend or anybody you want to share that note.

How Codemoji works?

I do not know how it works programmatically.

It takes your input text and stores it temporarily, assigns some random emoji’s to each of the characters that you entered so that the characters are not visible to anybody. Then it asks you to share.

Codemoji - Message encoded with emoji

When you click on the Share this message button – It then creates a link [which is again encrypted] to that note that you just created and make you able to copy the link and send to your partner. Isn’t it awesome!!

Codemoji - A link is created for your ecrypted message

Once you copy the link – you can send that link to your partner and ask him or her to decode/decipher it to see the actual message inside the encoded emoji.

Note: As mentioned in the last Screenshot – You will need to tell him/her which emoji you used to encrypt your message/note. If you forget the emoji you used – Your partner will not be able to decipher the coded emoji and read the content.

Guys – Codemoji is really an awesome fun app! Enjoy :-)


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