Java Game – Number prediction

This is a cool Java game [Number prediction].

Java game number prediction PepFryThis Java game is designed such a way that there needs to have 3 players for a single game. Each person should select and keep 3 random numbers between 0 – 9 in their mind. Once the game asks you to enter those number one by one – You have to enter the number that you had selected already!

After this process – The game generates its own random number – If this randomly generated number matches with the number selected by the participants – Them the participant is going to win!!


You will see that this Java game telling that you lost the game and it prompts you to play the game once again or quit once for all.

So, isn’t it a pretty cool game!
I wish to see your comments and questions or any improvements on part of this game! Even you can share any Java games developed by you.  Please feel free to Run this game on your PC’s or if you wish to test it online! Please click here.

Any question – please write back to me, I’ll try to answer it asap. Hope to see your positive suggestions as well.

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