Lumia Black update for 720 has been released in india

Lumia Black update for 720 has been rolled out in India

Windows lumia black update for lumia phones -  PepFry

Windows lumia black update for lumia phones | Courtesy –

A week ago “Lumia Black update” for other Lumia versions like 520 and so on were released. Today, the Lumia Black update has been received on all Lumia 720′s.

With this Lumia Black update, you will have awesome features added to your Lumia Phones.

Here are few of the newly added features in general for all the Lumia Phone versions. But, each versions will receive its own update from the list below.

As seen on

  •  Glance screen – New color choices for night mode
  •  Glance screen – Notification
  •  Glance screen – Pedometer, Custom text and calendar info
  •  Raw camera support (For Lumia 1020 and 1520)
  •  New camera algorithms, especially for Lumia 1020 (Tone mapping, noise reduction)
  •  Bluetooth 4.0 LE

The above features for are for Lumia phones – If you own Lumia 720 – You might receive some of the updates which is specifically made for Lumia 720. If you have a 520 – you will receive update made for it and so on with other versions of windows  lumia phone.

First major thing to note is that:

You phone has to have a good 1.5GB of Memory to completely download and install. Please note that it should be your Phone Memory and not your SD card memory.
When the phone says – It running on low disk space – make sure that you delete unwanted/temporary apps and music from the Phone Memory.

Second major thing to note is that:

You need to have a WiFi connection to download the Lumia Black update. Not only this update – any Phone update might require to have WiFi network to download them on to your Phone.

Once that’s taken care – you are all set to download the Lumia Black update.

See: How you can download the Lumia Black update and Install it on your Lumia Phones

So,guys enjoy the update and let others know about this update release as well. Please feel free to share this post to your friends and let them enjoy the update on their Lumia Phones!

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