Lumia black update successfully installed on 720

Lumia black update successfully installed on 720 - PepFry

Lumia black update successfully installed on 720 – Courtesy –

Lumia black update successfully installed on 720

Yes, It was today that I got the notification that – I had an update for mu Lumia 720. Hope all those who are having Lumia 720 have got the notification.

Want to know about the new awesome features included in this update? lumia black update for Lumia 720 rolled out in india.

This is how the update process goes on:

It will show you a Attention required screen. There, it will tell you that there is an update available for you Lumia Phone and that it requires 820MB of free space on the Phone Memory.

You will want to have WiFi network as well to download these updates. With your mobile data – you cannot download.

If you are running low on Phone memory storage – please go ahead and delete any unwanted/temporary music files or Games that you do not play often. It is advised to keep a healthy 1.5GB of Phone memory available for the Lumia Black update.

Once you have freed the required space – You can click on the download button below. The update starts to download the required files to your phone.

Once the files are downloaded and ready to install – it will notify you that “Your update is ready to be installed” and that you won’t be able to use your phone for few minutes.
It will prompt you with 2 options:

1. Postpone
2. Install

Click on install – it will restart you phone and start installing the update.

Once Lumia black update successfully installed – you will get a success message – Update completed! and also Welcome to Lumia Black

That’s it guys – You’ve installed the Lumia Black update on your Phone – Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Lumia black update successfully installed on 720

    • Hi Tony,

      First off, Which phone are you using? Lumia 720? Or is it any other model?

      Any ways – you must have 1.5 – 2GB of free space in your phone memory and not in SD card. It will ask you to restart the phone or it will itself restart the phone according to its requirement.

      If you have made any changes in the default settings of your phone – try resetting it to factory settings. Also can you somehow send me the screenshot of what your are seeing on your phone screen?

      Sumesh M.S

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