Problem with Cisco vpn on windows 8 not loading

Are you also facing problem with Cisco VPN software on your windows 8 machine? Are you not able to connect to your remote system with Cisco VPN client?


There might be few problem with Cisco vpn on your respective systems. But, today – I’m going to list out one of those issue. This issue is one of its kind where you can’t do something to get the software run as it runs usually.

The problem with Cisco vpn on windows 8 PC

This issue is like when you run your vpn software it loads necessary files and goes down to the task bar. But, the VPN window won’t come on to the Desktop.When you try to bring back the vpn window to the desktop by hovering on the vpn icon on the task bar and clicking on it – It never come up. There might be nothing you can do to it.

You can try uninstalling the current version of VPN software and installing the latest. but, i’m sure you will see the same result.

The solution

Step1: Open task manager on your windows 8 pc/laptop – [ctrl+alt+del]

Step2: Go to the first tab [Processes]

Step3: Find Cisco Systems VPN Client

Step4: Click the arrow symbol towards its left

Step5: You will see something like [Status: Disconnected | VPN Client - Version number ]

Step6: Right click on the above option that you see in step 5 – you will get a drop-down with few control options

Step7: From the drop-down, click [Maximize]

 See screenshot below for a visual explanation

problem with cisco vpn on windows 8 system -

Problem with cisco vpn on windows 8 system

That’s it you’ve done!

Once you click on the Maximize option – you should see your VPN client back on the screen. Anyways, at this point – it will be full screen. If you want you can click and drag from the far right bottom of the screen to your desired size.

This is a one time fix – when you start your pc the next time and run VPN, it will run properly without any issues!

If you have issues other than this or any kinda error message – please see this document from Cisco. Cisco vpn Error messages.

Hope this helped many people with the same problem with Cisco vpn specifically on Windows 8 machines.

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