Tomatina pure veg buffet restaurant – Mysore

It was around 2 in the noon my friend and I thought of eating something nice for the lunch containing only buffet on the menu. We looked for the nicest restaurants around and found Tomatina pure veg buffet restaurant – Mysore interesting.

Tomatina pure veg buffet restaurant - Mysore - PepFry

Tomatina is one amongst the vegetarian restaurants in Mysore, who provide buffet lunch and candle light Dinner!
The restaurant is just right opposite to the BM Habitat mall, many people in Mysore recognize Easy Day better. Tomatina is a complete veg Multi-cuisine restaurant with buffet and if you look it via cost – its an average rate, not too high nor too low. They do not compromise on quality for money. Its not that other restaurants compromise quality – this is one of the good thing about Tomatina.

Here are my views on the restaurant from my experience.


The restaurant is well located and parking is not at all a problem for two wheelers. Place around the restaurant is less crowded. Restaurant gives people an option to sit in the balcony, but this option is only available for dinner.


Menu had two kinds of buffet – one costing 225 and the other one costing somewhere around 280. We ordered the buffet which costs Rs. 225

Though the buffet had little items to choose for eating compared to other restaurants I had been so far. But those made my day! As far as I can remember there were North Indian, Italian, South and Mexican items on the menu.


Staffs were very good to us and helpful. They served us with humbleness and care – the first thing anybody would expect when they visit any restaurant.


Tomatina has an excellent interior with dim lighting, nice tables and chairs.

Bottom line:

This restaurant is a great place for any vegetarian lover to visit. They also have candle light dinner which is very rare in any city. Couples will find it more romantic for dinner as they can sit out in the balcony with a candle at the center of the table. Tomatina again is one amongst other restaurants in Mysore who provide Candle light dinners.  Good for team dinner or lunch with family and  friends.

So, friends – please do visit this restaurant and let us know your thoughts!

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