My experience travelling to trivandrum – gods own country

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My experience travelling to Trivandrum – Gods own country!

Watch the awesome video of the western ghats that I captured – at the end of this post!!

This was my travel experience while travelling to Trivandrum [kerala] – the state with another godly name [God's own country].  Here I would like ti share my wonderful experience traveling to Trivandrum[Thiruvananthapuram] – the capital city or Kerala. This time around I’m traveling to Trivandrum in a government bus of kerala from Mysore[Karnataka]. We have daily direct bus from Mysore to Trivandrum!

Considering a cross-border travel where the border accompanies the beautiful western ghats full of green and thick forest and many huge ghat sections which will turn your head 360′deg.
According to be – the best time to travel to Trivandrum is the wonderful evening. We have a bus from Mysore at 6.45pm evening and everyday from Sub-urban bus stand, Mysore. Which directly travels to Trivandrum within 17hrs from the start of the journey from Mysore.

The advantage of getting a government bus of Kerala is that the travel fare, the ticket cost is affordable when compared to other buses available of Govt. of Karnataka having Iravath(Volvo) abd Rajahamsa(Delux) buses which will take you to Trivandrum – eventually, it will cost you much.

There is no fraud with the others though! They cost you much because – they’ll provide you with the luxury like A/C, Long push back seats with soft cushions, TV and beverage are also provided in Iravath. So, people who can sacrifice money and want luxury – can pick a Karnataka Government bus. But, the number of poor and an average people are more
than the rich…

Here are the fare details when you are travelling to Trivandrum accordingly as of 2013: [Subject to change occasionally]

  •  Iravath or Rajahamsa – Will cost you around 800 – 1000+ Indian rupee
  •  Kerala superfast – Will cost you around 500 Indian rupee + reservation charges[15 - 20 Indian rupee]

As i said – The best time is to travel the whole night. Because, anyways – this isn’t a tour or any picnic and also it will be late night by the time you reach the Western ghats. If you feel that you might miss the forest and the mountain sight seeing through the bus window – don’t worry – when you travel back to Mysore, the other way the next time – you can have the sight seeing. Because it will be somewhere around 6.00 am in the morning when you reach back to Western ghats.

Also, if you are lucky – you can even enjoy the sight seeing with light mist all over the forest.

Famous landmarks and places along the way

Started at 6.45pm from Mysore and travelling through the villages and cities along the way. I found 2 major cities and the bus will provide a short halt of around 5 – 10 mins each along the road side. First stop is near Nanjangud and the other one is in Gundalpet. Bus will reach Gundalpet the last city @ around 8.30pm depending on that days traffic. Once you leave fro Gundalpet, no turning back – there is only a right turn towards Bandipur forest.

This turn will be memorable – because, once you turn right the landscape itself feels changed. It will start resembling Kerala. The village, houses, shops, people everything will feel changed. What an awesome feeling isn’t it. The next stop will be inside Kerala[Sulthan bathery] unless there is a mandatory security check in the commercial check post. Sulthan bathery is the first stop after the commercial check-post and it is the first stop once you enter Kerala as well! Though Sulthan bathery is the border city for both Kerala and Karnataka – Majority if people speak malayalam. Rarely – you’ll see a Kannadiga. On the way to Sulthan bathery – You will see villages and village shops, the olden type of shops and hotels which are made of Wood and coconut leaves which are very rear to see these days. Once you finish those villages, you will enter the Bandipur forest area.

Before you reach Sulthan bathery, you will see a commercial check-post. They will check all the vehicles travelling that way. Since the bus I travelled was a Government vehicle – there was no formalities taken by the officials in the check-post.

But, private vehicle owners – please bare in mind, you and your vehicle will be thoroughly checked for all the original documents to name some License, RC book, Insurance, Road tax etc. Its always a good practice to carry your original documents with you when you choose to cross a Border.

Now, you are minutes away reaching the first district inside kerala[Sulthan bathery]. The bus will reach at around 9.30pm Once you reach – the bus will take you to the bus station – where you;ll have around 30 mins time or even more than that some times.

Foodies, here is you place!

There is a hotel situated in the entrance of the bus station named “Tee Key Cee“. They will provide you with superb dinner.

Travelling to trivandrum Sulthan bathery hotel Tee Key Cee - PepFry

Hotel Tee Key Cee – Sulthan bathery

Non-veggies should feel great and veggies can have veg as well. If you are an absolute non-veg lover – you’ll have a nice time there. You will have choice like Parota, Rice, Chapati with Chicken, beef and egg curry as side dish. Isn’t it mouth watering!! I just wonder if it doesn’t!

Travelling to trivandrum Sulthan bathery hotel dinner - PepFry

Great dinner at Hotel Tee Key Cee in Sulthan bathery

Mind you – everything you get there are freshly prepared. Since, they are sure that at the time – the bus will come regularly at this time and there will be many passengers in the bus. So, they will dedicate food for the travelers at that time. They do not compromise quality.

Once done with the dinner the bus will take a 360′ deg turn and travel back along the same road from where it took right turn to reach bus station and take a right again from the same junction [Kottakunnu] the bus will take a small deviation towards the right and head towards Kozhikode – its next destination.

From there in 30 mins, you will reach the tourist destination [Wayanad]. From there – its your sleep time.

Sleep well and when you wake up – it should be morning around 4am. If you do not plan to sleep – you will notice the bus reaching Kozhikode at around 12.45 in the morning. Bus will halt for 15mins and heads to Trishur and will reach at 3.45am. A major change will occur with the bus and the driver. The bus will enter the Trissur bus stand and will park it in the depot/workshop to check for any malfunction occurred to the bus since the long journey and yet to travel more than what it has already travelled. Once, its confirmed – The bus will start from there and will park it in its respective platform and halt there for another 30 – 40 mins to pick passengers and then if needed it will fill diesel as well.

Travelling to trivandrum - trissur bus stand - PepFry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Trissur bus stand

In between these – you can see Iravath and Rajahamsa parked in their respective platform and once of the two bus leaving from the platform as well. This is the only place where you will see all the 3 bus in one place. After this you won’t see them else where stopped than in the Sub-urban bus stand Kerala.

Next major destination – Ernakulam!

Travelling to trivandrum - ernakulam bus stand PepFry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Ernakulam bus stand

The bus will take of from the Trissur station and will head towards Ernakulam. At around 5.45am it will reach Ernakulam and will be parked in the station for a minimum of 20mins. It should be raining on a usual day!

Travelling to Trivandrum - Ernakulam fishing lakes PepFry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Ernakulam fishing lakes

Once the bus is taken from the stand and while you are on road – along side, you can see lakes which are beautiful to see that time with mist covering part of the lake. You’ll see fishing boats along the lake shores which are ready to go to the sea to catch fish.

Travelling to Trivandrum - Ernakulam fishing lake view - Pepfry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Ernakulam fishing lake view

At 9am, you will reach Kollam and you will get another 30mins to have breakfast and get freshen up. Once done with that – the next major stop will be in Trivandrum[Tiruvananthapuram] where You can see the Sub-urban bus station and the Railway station head on. That will be the final destination of this journey.

Travelling to Trivandrum - Kollam bus stand PepFry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Kollam bus stand

While, returning back to Mysore – As I had told you earlier – You can enjoy the great scenery of Wayanad situated in the Western ghats with partly covered by mist. You will see the great western ghats all along when you travel through the ghat sections. It will be around 6 or 6.30 in the morning and you see the Sun just coming out to the Eastern world. You can see him pinkish and showing pat of his face out of the clouds and if you open the window of the bus – you will fell the chillness. Its too cold at that altitude and at that point of time – You’re body will start shivering.

It’s an awesome feel at that moment!

Want to see that scenic beauty of Western Ghats?

Watch this video that I captured with my Nokia Lumia 720 with a wide angle view. You can see more than any normal camera!!

After which, you will reach Sulthan bathery at 7am and then Gundalpet at 8.30 and the bus will take of from Gundalpet and will stop in front of a nearby hotel to have breakfast.

Travelling to Trivandrum - Gundalpet hotel front view - PepFry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Gundalpet hotel front view

Then, you will see the fist view of Mysore – You will see Chamundi hills just behind the Varuna canal!

Travelling to Trivandrum - Varuna canal onwards Nanjangud - PepFry

Travelling to Trivandrum – Varuna canal onwards Nanjangud

Hope, you enjoyed the entire article “My experience travelling to Trivandrum – gods own country” and especially the video. If you have a nice experience travelling to Trivandrum – please do share  with us.

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