Add search box to orchard after you enable search functionality

How to add search box to orchard driven websites!

If you have come here to find out how to add search box to orchard website – Then, I hope you have gone through my previous tutorial. If not you might want to go through  my previous tutorial which teaches you how you can enable search feature in Orchard CMS.

By default, search functionality and the search box is off in Orchard CMS. Both requires you to do some extra work. Everything you have to do is within the Orchard dashboard.

No coding, No scripting – just installing couple of plugins and configuring them by creating content types and fields required. Just click the link provided below and you will surely succeed in enabling search feature on your Orchard website.

Now, here is how you add search box to orchard

Once you have gone through my previous tutorial and successfully enabled search feature – follow the below steps.

Step1: From the left menu – look for Widgets link and click on that.

Step2: Towards the right side you should see ‘All Layers‘. Make sure ‘default’ is selected. If it is selected – It will be highlighted with ‘green color.

Step3: Now, move your mouse over the ‘Header‘ zone at the top and click on ‘Add‘ button on the right side of ‘Header‘ zone.

Step4: You will be shown with a list of widgets to select from. See for ‘Search form‘ in the list of widgets and click on it.

Are you not seeing ‘Search form‘ in the list? You might first enable search feature on your new Orchard website. Only then, you will see ‘Search form‘ in the list.

Step5: Once you click on the ‘Search form‘ widget – It will take you to the configuration page.

After you save your configuration – just visit your website front-end, you should see a search box added to the header section. That’s where you selected the search box to be. If you want to relocate the search box to sidebar – then go back to widgets and follow steps 3 to 5. This time instead of header select AsideSecond.

Thanks for coming along with this tutorial. Hope you got to know how to add search box to orchard website!!

See what orchard developers say for you to add search box to orchard:

Should you have any queries – please feel to reach out too me.

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