What does bootstrap come with?

What does bootstrap come with? OR What does bootstrap have in it?

Are you new to Bootstrap? – Know some basics of Bootstrap!

Bootstrap comes as a bundle including:

Those are the required files to set up Bootstrap on your website.

It comes with 2 styles sheets. One is the minified version which takes up less space and the non-minified version which is used for development and in turn takes up a bit more space. Both the versions are useful in different environment.

It comes with 2 Javascript files. One is the minified version again which takes up less space and the non-minified version again used for development and again taking up a bit more space. Again, both are useful in different environment.

It comes with 4 formats of fonts similar to a regular text font but, these are not the text fonts. These are supported fonts for the Bootstrap specific icons like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest etc. There are class that you can call for any specif icons that you want to show on the website front-end.

Uses and reasons for the minification of style sheet and Javascript:

You can use the non-minified version of the stylesheet when you are in the production stage. i.e. when you are implementing bootstrap into your website – you can use the non-minified of the stylesheet and make any modifications if you want to. Because, when you see the non-minified stylesheet in your html editor or in firebug – you will see the line numbers which help you in fast modifications.

Where as in the minified version – there is no indentation, not wrapped down. so to say it doesn’t show you a line by line styles. There is a strong reason behind this version.

The reason that the files are minified is to help reduce the file size when your website is live. File size plays an important role in your website loading speed and loading time.

So, to say – you can use the regular version when your website is still in production stage, take a back up of your modifications made if any and then replace the regular version with the minified version so that you site loads as quickly as possible.

So, guys these are the files that Bootstrap comes with when you download it from bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com/.

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