Orchard CMS – The dot Net Content Management System

Orchard CMS – The dot Net Content Management System

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Orchard cms – enable search functionality

What is Orchard CMS all about?

Orchard is an open source Content Management System [CMS] or in other words we call it a Framework. Orchard is a framework built on ASP.Net platform.

Orchard CMS is as similar as any CMS available in the market. You can install on your local machine using IIS as server and upon installing the CMS, you can install freely available themes from Orchard

 One of the beauty of Orchard CMS that I came across is its ability to make content Visible or Hidden from some or any particular page of your choice.

Yes off-course, you would have seen this functionality in other CMS’s. But, Why I mentioned it as beauty – because, you might need to perform some circus on other CMS – but, Orchard has it built-in with its package. You might just need to select layers where you want to display or do not want to display!

 Orchard admin dashboard as well as Orchard websites load quite quickly

Why, I say this is because the admin dashboard is cool with fewer options which are used in a regular basis. The dashboard is really light weight and loads within seconds from its login. I love it.

I’ve faced late loading with other CMS’s dashboards which takes huge tome to load all the required resources. And not to mention – It will take time to execute andy command run within the CMS itself.

Websites created with Orchard loads relatively very quickly when compared to sites built with other Frameworks. There are many other good features which Orchard CMS poses – once has to digg up further to get knowledge about them.


I do not say that Orchard CMS is going to be the worlds top CMS or I do not say It is. I know the fact and you too!!

If you are an ASP.net lover – you would definitely love to try orchard CMS. If you are a PHP lover – don’t even bother to explore Orchard CMS – “Its not your Cake and Wine“.

Take a look at my tutorials on Orchard CMS – you might be interested.

Thank you for coming along with this article.

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