Complete reference tutorial on Joomla CMS

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Complete reference tutorial on Joomla CMS

This is an introduction to the tutorial complete Joomla reference. Where you will find all useful tutorials related to development of Joomla website.

This tutorial is intended for all Joomla lovers irrespective of their experience all can enjoy learning. This will be most useful for all newbies who are into Joomla CMS for around their first time.

Complete reference tutorial on Joomla CMS - PepFry

Joomla! is a CMS[Content Management System] that lets you manage your website pages and its content easily with a friendly user interface.
It complies all content and modules using its template to produce webpages dynamically. It uses its programmed templates for all your newly created pages. You need no worry about creating a HTML page and replicating it as many time as you might need. You can save a whole lot of time using CMS. You can easily embed Images, Videos and Maps with ease. There are thousands of free Joomla themes out there on Joomla’s official website They are free for use. You can download them and customize them according to your needs and wish. if you are not satisfied with the free themes available – you can even purchase some of the cool Joomla Themes online, while you purchase you get free support for that theme and free upgrades and bug fixes etc.

Joomla is been used by great online giants like ebay, IKEA, Barness&Noble, MTV etc. Also there are more than 3000 government websites which have bee built using Joomla. You can built quality websites, complex websites using Joomla CMS. With its powerful architecture you can achieve complex websites done in hours of time. You’ll get lots of modules out there to save you precious time out there, they are just free to use with the Joomla CMS.

If you are an absolute beginner with respect to Joomla CMS, Do not worry this is for you as well!! I will try covering many of the topics that comes under – starting from the very basics of Joomla CMS like Installation of the CMS on Windows machine using the free local server Xampp.

Once installation is done, I will be taking you through the development process. I’ll download on of the freely available Joomla CMS theme and starting customizing that according to our needs, adding menu modules, creating new menu and creating new menu items assigning them to menu etc….

The topics that I cover in this tutorials are as follows:

If you go through all the tutorials topics above – you should be able to create a complete functional non-complex website.

Thanks for taking time to go through this article.

Any question – please write back to me, I’ll try to answer it asap. Hope to see your positive suggestions as well.

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