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Creating new pages in joomla

This is the 3rd tutorial in Complete reference tutorial Joomla CMS package. This tutorial – Creating new Pages in Joomla CMS and applying content! is for all those newbies who are into Web development and how are Joomla! lovers.

As the title of this tutorial says – I’ll take you through one of the Joomla tutorial where in you will surely learn to create Pages and adding content to it.

Creating new pages in joomla - PepFryOnce you create Pages and put in some content into them – I’ll take you through the next tutorial where in I’ll likely be taking you through creating navigation menu and menu items in Joomla! – Where in this tutorial comes essential, you can’t just skip this tutorial and go to the next one. Because, I’ll be using the Pages that I would create here in this page.

Creating Pages is an easy job. But, creating Menu and Menu items is quite a bit a tricky job – which I’ll make easy for you. Hold on tight with this tutorial!!

Saying that, I’ll go ahead with this tutorial.

If you went through my previous tutorial on ” – It might just make you feel easy and gets you the continuous flow without any breaks.

In my last tutorial – I walked you through ‘Installing free Joomla template exploring layout module positioning‘. If you didn’t have a chance to go through, please click here. Its better if you go through the previous tutorial. Because, Since I installed a new free joomla template over the existing default template – I’ll be taking over the proceedings from there.

I’ll create content and Pages by default. But, I will show the menu links using the new joomla template. So, its better if you have not gone through my previous tutorial – please go through.

If you have gone through – Great! We’ll go ahead.

Creating Content and Pages in Joomla

1st step: Log in to your already installed Joomla website. If not, click here to install one within minutes.

2nd step: Once you log in – on the top menu, please click Content->Article Manager->Add New Article.

Please see the below screenshot below.

Creating new pages in joomla - PepFry

Creating new pages in joomla

Joomla Basic Pages are nothing but Articles[Single Article]. So, it means when ever you create a basic page/static page like About us, Our motto, mission vision etc…. You can just produce them using the Add New Article page component.

Please see the below screenshot below.

Creating new pages in joomla - PepFry

Creating new pages in joomla

For other page types – there are built in components that helps you to create other Page types or Content types like Banners, Contacts, Redirect, search etc.

Please see the below screenshot below.

Creating new pages in joomla - PepFry

Creating new pages in joomla

Step3: Once you have landed on the Add New Article Page – You will see there are few important menu listed on the top of the screen like Save, Save&Close, Save&New etc…

Below that – You should see few other options like Article details, Publishing options, Article options etc.. Where in you will use Article details more. Where you’ll see a WYSIWYG[What You See Is What You Get] editor. Which helps you to markup your contents in the easiest way possible.

There in you’ll see:

Title field – Marked important

A text box – where you can type or copy and paste ready content and style it as you need.

Few buttons - Article, Image, Page break etc… I’ll explain the usage some other time.

Additionally, you can explore few things below the WYSIWYG editor. Please feel free to go through those additional options.

What you have to do?

Do as what I’ll do now…

Title – My Page1

Editor – This is Page1

Please see the below screenshot below.

Creating new pages in joomla - PepFry

Creating new pages in joomla

Step4: Please see above the WYSIWYG editor and click on ‘Save&New‘ button. Be careful and click on ‘Save&New‘ button.

What would happen?

It will create the new page and saves it and then, brings you back to the same view where you can create another page without having to click on the Add New Article in the main menu which is a long process.

Note: Please follow the same process to create all the pages that you wanted to create.

Step5: Once done with that for the final time – you will need to click on ‘Save&Close‘ button, Be careful again and click on ‘Save&Close‘.

What would happen?

Again, it will create the new page and saves it and then, brings you to the other view where you can see all the pages that you just created. So that you can have a look at the Page titles, Alter the weight-age, edit them further to add content or remove content.

If you want to edit any of the pages listed there – Just keep your mouse on that page title and you will see an arrow image. You can click on the arrow and it will drop down a menu with few links like Edit, un-publish, Trash etc.

Click on the edit link – It will take you to the WYSIWYG editor for further edits.

Then again, click on Save&Close once for all. That’s it guys – you’re done with the tutorial. But, at this stage – The pages that you’ve created will not be displayed on the website. I will teach you how to get those pages title’s to be displayed on the Website front page.

Next tutorial: Creating a Menu module and menu items

Thank you for reading through the tutorial.

Hope you got every single step involved in creating new pages in Joomla! Content Management System. If there is any thing I can do for you – please write back to me or comment it.

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