How to install Umbraco without Microsoft Web Matrix?

Is there any way out to install Umbraco cms without using Web Matrix?

So, that now you are not able to install Umbraco with Microsoft Web matrix. What can you do to get Umbraco installed on your system?

Certainly, there is a way to achieve a successful installation of Umbraco CMS on your machine without Web matrix.

What is that way?

Microsoft Web Platform Installer?

Yes, you heard it right!

You should have heard of Microsoft Web Platform Installer for sure. May be you might have come across it when you installed Web Matrix using Web Platform Installer.

I used Microsoft Web Matrix to install Umbraco. I was successful couple of times when the software was newly installed and all other dependencies like Dot Net framework, Silver light etc were upto date.

But, recently – I was caught up in a tight situation and it was imperative that I install Umbraco on my machine for testing one of the functionality that Umbraco provides as core.

But, what happened was – that, I couldn’t install umbraco successfully. The reason was so simple – the dependencies listed above were needed to be updated to their latest version. However, web matrix tried to download the latest version but failed all the time.

That’s when I remembered that some time ago I installed Microsoft Web Matrix using Microsoft Web Platform Installer – I saw Umbraco in the list as well!

Then, I launched Web PI and searched for Umbraco and Installed it successfully.

Steps to install Umbraco CMS with Web Platform Installer:

Hope you have already installed Microsoft Web Platform Installer and Microsoft Web Matrix. [I'll tell you at the last - why you'll need Web matrix still when you are able to install Umbraco using Web PI]

Step1: Launch Web Platform Installer – It will ask for permission to run. Just click yes.

Install umbraco without web matrix - pepfry

Install Umbraco with web platform installer

Step2: Search for ‘Umbraco’ using the search bar towards the far right of the window.

Install umbraco with web platform installer - pepfry

Install Umbraco with web platform installer

Step3: Umbraco will be listed down. Once its listed click on the add button towards the right of Umbraco CMS.

Step4: Once you click on the add button – it will rename itself to Remove. If you notice the Install button is now activated. Click on Install and follow other steps from there on.

Install umbraco with web platform installer version 5 - pepfry

Install Umbraco with web platform installer

Now, I’ll tell you why you’ll need Web Matrix. You’ll need Web Matrix to launch the site – Stop the site – Overall – you’ll still need Microsoft Web Matrix to have better control over your Websites.

Thanks for coming along. Should you have any queries – please, put it in the form of comments and I’ll try to reply back asap!

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