How to create stylish CSS3 Responsive gradient buttons

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Today’s topic,

How to create Stylish CSS3 Responsive gradient buttons!

Today, I’m gonna teach you to create User tap-able buttons with pure CSS2 and CSS3 for smartphones like iPhone, Android, Samsung etc using free tools available online.


These buttons are useful on your website or Mobile application. These Buttons will enhance/bring up front any links on your website or application. These Responsive Buttons allow users to just use there finger tip to Tap on the links – instead of finding the likable text to touch them. Specially, if you have smaller mobile devices, these buttons play much more important role among other linkable.

This Stylish css3 responsive gradient buttons which I’m going to work on here will be Responsive + It will have CSS3 effects all over it. Just to make sure that user also likes to tap on the Buttons seeing their appearance. For that – I’m going to give them a Glossy look and box-shadow.

Here is the list of features for this beautiful button:

  •  Vertical/linear gradient color
  •  Box-shadow
  •  Text-shadow
  •  Responsive [Fluid type]
  •  On Hover effects
  •  Reverse linear gradient color
  •  Increased Box-shadow
  •  Increased Text-shadow

Isn’t it quite cool!!

Also to help you go ahead with ease – I have few tutorials listed out below

For this stylish css3 responsive gradient buttons, we’ll need just an Anchor tag associated with a Class name and an ID.

Step1: Create a simple Markup.

Step2: Apply Styles. We’ll separate Class and ID. Class will hold common Styles and ID will hold unique Styles.

Below is the common styles for the button called by its Class name.

Below is the varying styles for the button called by its ID.

Below is the on hover effects added to the button, again its been called by its ID.

You might be thinking that – It will be near impossible to write a style as seen above written to achieve gradient color as we have seen in Photoshop or other graphic editing tool. Don’t worry guys – As told at the beginning, I have achieved the gradient effects using free online tools.

You too can do the same – The tool is called Gradient generator. Click here to go the authors website where you can find the tool. This free tool is developed and maintained by – ColorZilla.

Just go through the tool and explore it, If you have used Photoshop before – then, you will find this quite similar.

Once you are done with creating Markup and applying Styles for them. You are ready to view the Proof. Launch you .HTML file on your favorite Browser – preferably Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Ignore Internet Explorer, Older versions of IE will degrade gracefullyNewer versions should support CSS3 gradients.

Here is how the Output should be, when you see them on your favorite browser:

stylish CSS3 Responsive gradient buttons - PepFry

Stylish CSS3 Responsive gradient buttons

As I told you – this button has many features as listed earlier:

To experience them one by one:

1) Start with resizing you’re browser – you’ll see the button resizing itself. This can help yo when you’re website is viewed on any smaller mobile devices.

2) Keep you’re mouse on the button – you’ll see that the text-shadow is increasing than normal and also you see that box-shadow is also increased than normal.


So, guys enjoy learning – How to create stylish CSS3 responsive gradient buttons and start applying them on your websites.

Any question – please write back to me, I’ll try to answer it asap. Hope to see your positive suggestions as well.

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