Manually install wordpress plugin when you get an error

WordPress plugin error - manually install wordpress plugin - Pepfry

WordPress plugin error – manually install wordpress plugin

How to manually install WordPress plugin when you get an error when you try to install plugin from the dashboard?

Plugins! are a great way for any website to increase its functionality. When it comes to WordPress – the awesome CMS! You need not worry about coding, everything can be extended using relative plugins.

Now a day’s, there are plugins created for every use. Just search your requirement in Google and you will surely see a plugin out there for your use. Using plugins to extend site’s  functionality is good. But, make sure that you use a good and safe plugin which are recommended by community members.

Before installing any WordPress plugin – please, make sure that you visit that plugins page for the following:

  •  Plugin description
  •  plugin FAQ
  •  Plugin reviews
  •  Plugin votes/rating

Even after taking care of all the above and if you get an error all of a sudden like this one as I  mentioned in my earlier article. You will panic for sure.

And, when you don’t foresee a way to do it the traditional way of  performing it – you will panic even more. But, there is a way to get things done. Yes, there is a way to install plugins when you get unusual errors.

The way is very straight forward - manually install WordPress plugin that’s it. Installing a plugin manually isn’t that hard and doesn’t tell you to manually log into FTP and install the plugin which is a very huge process compared to the Dashboard installation process.

Manually install WordPress plugin, you can do it using the WordPress dashboard. You have the option to upload the downloaded .zip package on to the WordPress dashboard’s plugin section. You will have an Upload tab for all your plugin uploads.

Getting you to manually install WordPress plugin!

  •  First, download the plugin that you want to install from and store it in your computer
  • Log in to your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  • By default Search tab will be shown. But, you should click Upload tab on the top
  • Now, click on the browse button and select the plugin that you downloaded
  • Click on install button

Make sure that the downloaded plugin is format before you try to upload to the site. Usually, will host plugins in .zip format because, it is the only way that WordPress dashboard accepts for installation.

If you follow all the above steps, you will surely manually install WordPress plugin!

Thanks for coming along with this article. Please leave your questions or suggestions as comments in the below comment section.

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